Ten DIY Organization Tips To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

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Whether you’re moving into a new place or you’ve owned your home for a long time, you know the joys of being a homeowner. But when clutter takes over your living space, you end up enjoying it just a little less.

If you’re ready for some fun and inexpensive ways to organize your space and help your house feel like home, check out these DIY home organization tips from the team at APHW.

1. Add a floating shelf

Rooms fill up fast when you have a lot of must-keep items but nowhere to put them. A floating shelf helps solve this problem by making more space for clothes, knickknacks, and toiletries, depending on where you choose to install it. Plus, by moving items away from corners, closets, and the floor, you can free up precious square footage while making a room feel less cluttered.

2. Organize your garage with pegboards

Garages are notorious for collecting extra junk. But if things you use aren’t easy to access or your garage is more of a maze than a usable space, installing a pegboard can help. With a few screws and a little bit of elbow grease, you can organize your tools, household accessories, and anything else that can hang from a hook.

3. Repurpose old dishes and cookware

Everyone has a junk drawer – and it’s usually one of the most disorganized spots in the house. To keep your odds and ends from becoming such a mess that it’s impossible to find anything, create your own drawer organizer using old trays, bowls, and muffin tins. Just make sure to use a non-slip mat underneath so things don’t shift around too much.

4. Enjoy a playtime pick-me-up

Do your little ones leave their toys everywhere when they’re playing? Instead of letting toys take over your living space, spread out a large blanket or bedsheet, bring out some of your tot’s favorite toys, and encourage them to spend time in their new play area. It might take a few tries, but most kids quickly warm up to the idea of having their own personal play place. Once your little one is finished playing, you can pick up the blanket, bring the ends together, and put everything away in a flash.

5. Maximize your shoe space

If you own a shoe organizer and you still find yourself looking for more space to keep from tripping over your high heels or work boots, this handy-dandy tip might help. By simply organizing your shoes from heel to toe instead of toe to toe, you can add enough space for the shoes that never seem to make it into your closet.

6. Save your shopping bags (and the earth!)

Have a habit of saving grocery shopping bags so they can be reused or recycled? Good for you! The trouble is, they can take up a lot of space quickly if they aren’t being organized. If you’re sick of dealing with your pile of plastic bags or you’re running out of space in your cabinets, an empty tissue box works great as a shopping bag dispenser.

7. Store your things with shower rings

Shower rings work as wonderful organizers in the closet, kitchen, or other rooms around your home. Whether you’re arranging your necklace collection, hanging scarves, or making kitchen utensils and dishtowels more accessible, a set of shower rings can go a long way in helping your home feel more organized. And the best part? They usually only cost a few dollars for a full set.

8. Turn clutter into décor

Sometimes clutter can work to your advantage. From organizing pens and markers in Mason jars, to store old photos and letters in attractive shoe boxes, to topping a stack of books with fresh florals or framed pictures, you can turn almost any pile of clutter into a piece of home décor. So before you donate or toss an unused item, look up some ways the item can be repurposed to give your home a unique, handmade flair.

9. Organize your cords

Whether it’s behind your TV or in one of your drawers, there’s a good chance you have a cord monster lurking somewhere. For larger and longer cords, try storing them in toilet paper or paper towel rolls to keep them separated and easier to find. For smaller cords and TV cords, use binder clips or twist-ties to so they stay tidy and organized.

10. Rotate your hangers to find donation-worthy clothing

A bedroom closet can fill up quickly, even when you’re only buying new clothes once or twice a year. For help figuring out what should stay and what should go, turn your clothes hanger backward whenever you wear an item from your closet. After one year, you should have a good idea of the clothes you’ll keep on wearing and those that can be donated.

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