Meet the Dynamic Duo Joining the Tunnel to Towers Student-Athlete Advocate Team

Champions of Compassion: Meet the Dynamic Duo Joining the Tunnel to Towers Student-Athlete Advocate Team

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation, known for its unwavering commitment to honoring first responders and military heroes, is embarking on an exciting journey. With the addition of two new ambassadors to its Student-Athlete Advocate Program, this organization is injecting fresh energy into its mission. Join us for a dynamic tale of youth empowerment and inspiration that promises a brighter future in our shared support for those who serve and protect

In a world where self-expression and community involvement have never been more powerful, two exceptional student-athletes have stepped up to support the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, enriching their personal journeys while contributing to a cause that touches the hearts of millions.

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Let's introduce you to Ryan Tursellino, a talented sophomore soccer player at Salisbury University, and Paul Maguire, an aspiring freshman cross-country runner at Clemson University. These young athletes are now part of the growing initiative that is the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's Student-Athlete Advocate Program.

This program, launched in September 2021, has a profound purpose. It empowers current student-athletes to extend their personal influence while championing the Foundation's mission, one that centers on honoring the dedication of our first responders, military veterans, and their families. Through their involvement, Ryan and Paul are not only expanding their personal brands but also serving as inspiring ambassadors for the cause.

The significance of this mission can't be overstated. With the backing of student-athletes, like Ryan and Paul, the Foundation aims to ensure that the legacy of America's heroes is celebrated and their sacrifices never forgotten. Through their involvement, they aspire to influence younger generations to do the same, creating a lasting impact on society.

The timing couldn't be more appropriate for this program's expansion, given the NCAA's groundbreaking decision on July 1, 2021. The NCAA declared that all student-athletes could now benefit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). This change means that student-athletes can engage in Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) activities in line with their respective state laws.

As Tunnel to Towers Foundation Student-Athlete Advocates, Ryan and Paul are preparing to embrace this transformative era by becoming well-versed in the Foundation's mission, participating in T2T events across the nation, and engaging with T2T followers through content creation on the Foundation's website and social media channels.

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The impact of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's work is immeasurable. This year alone, they are set to provide over 200 mortgage-free homes to catastrophically injured veterans and first responders, Gold Star families, families of first responders who leave behind young children, and much more. In their ongoing journey, they have already delivered over 1,000 mortgage-free homes to our nation's heroes and committed over $500 million across all their programs.

And what makes this connection even more poignant are the personal stories of Ryan and Paul.

Ryan Tursellino, hailing from Hauppauge, NY, and a sophomore at Salisbury University, plays a pivotal role as a midfielder on the Sea Gulls' Women's Soccer team. Her father, Port Authority Police Officer Steven Tursellino, passed away in September 2013 due to 9/11-related cancer. The Foundation stepped in, paying off the mortgage on the Tursellino family's home in September 2021. Her commitment to the Foundation's cause is profound, as she not only graces the field but also contributes with the same dedication her father exhibited in his service.

Paul Maguire, a freshman student-athlete at Clemson University, is joining one of the nation's most esteemed collegiate Track and Field programs. In his first national 8K race at last month's 2023 Eye Opener Cross Country Festival, the freshman distance runner claimed the 19th spot. His father, a Captain for the City of New York Fire Department (FDNY), ignited his passion for supporting the Foundation. Paul aims to raise awareness for this honorable cause and participate actively in the National Run, Walk, & Climb Series team, dedicated to honoring our nation's heroes.

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Both Ryan and Paul echo the sentiment of being deeply honored to represent the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's Student-Athlete Advocate Program. Ryan shares, "I am honored to be chosen to represent the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's Student-Athlete Advocate Program. I'm excited to be given this platform to help as many families as possible and carry on the Foundation's mission of 'Let Us Do Good.'"

Paul Maguire, filled with the same sense of honor and dedication, says, "I am honored to have the privilege of representing one of America's most compassionate charitable organizations, giving back to the ones that sacrifice the most for us."

These two extraordinary student-athletes, along with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, are on a mission to make a difference, to honor those who've given so much for our country. You can join them on this journey by supporting the Foundation. Your contribution will not only help these athletes in their mission but also ensure that we "Never Forget" the sacrifices our first responders and military members make for our nation, every single day.

Take action now and donate to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation today! Your support will make a meaningful impact in the lives of our nation's heroes and their families.

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