June 2022 Homeward Bound Newsletter

Just wanted to say Hi, hope all your Father's had a very happy Father's Day just wanna wish you happy summer kids are out of school now, and lots of pool parties, backyard BBQs, and all that stuff but did you know that June is also National Homeowners month so who do you know that's looking to purchase a home not only they will benefit from our award-winning service but we also give back a portion of our commission on every sale to our worthy cause. And I'm gonna let Ernie talk to you a little bit about our worthy cause.

Yes, as you probably do know, our worthy cause, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, was founded on 911 by Steven Siller's brother Frank Siller, he was Steven Siller a firefighter who was killed in the collapse of the World Trade Center. And what they do is they give money to families that have lost loved ones, such as police officers, firefighters, military Goldstar Families, as well as police officers, firefighters, and military who've been named in the line of duty, and they build them a smart home. In fact, they're building a community about two miles from here, which will be 120 houses of people that are just firefighters, police officers, and Goldstar Families as well as maimed military members.  They have their own community themselves, and they can share their experiences and be comforting to each other. So for every sale that we make, we make a donation to Tunnel to Towers Foundation, and it's made in your name when you refer us or a person who buys or sells with us. So if you know anybody who's looking to buy or sell, not only does it help them become a homeowner, but it helps all heroes through the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

So our newsletter is on its way to you. Check your mailbox and in a day or two, it will be there. If you know anybody who is looking to purchase a home or sell their home, you can have them give us a call at 813-359-0880

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