Hurricane Season Preparedness

We officially returned to that time of year on June 1st, when tropical weather is in our daily weather prediction, and it will remain so until November.

In Florida, hurricane season is all about planning or preparedness ahead of time and remaining attentive and educated.

Sea storm with rain and tornado on tropical beach with bungalows and palm trees Free Vector

When a major storm is approaching, remain informed by following the national guidelines giving by your local news channels for updates

How to Prepare for this Season?

Develop a plan
Turn off all utilities and follow the community's emergency preparedness measures if an evacuation is required. Choose a central meeting location or a single point of contact for the entire family.

Stock up on emergency supplies
Prepare your emergency food, water, and medical supplies with more time than normal. The safest alternative for purchasing emergency supplies is to have them delivered to your home; You may buy a stock in advanced manner

"Preparing now can help keep you and your family safe."

Precautionary about surroundings
Also if you are forced to evacuate and take precautions against COVID-19 for yourself and your family. Make a "go kit" containing personal goods you can't live without in the event of an emergency. Include things like hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, bar or liquid soap, disinfecting wipes (if available), and two masks for each individual to help protect you and others against COVID-19.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Also preparing is not a waste of time because in the future when you experience this kind of scenario you know already what will you do!

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