Fox Corporation's $2 Million Pledge: Empowering Tunnel to Towers' Mission to End Veteran Homelessness

Fox Corporation's $2 Million Pledge: Empowering Tunnel to Towers' Mission to End Veteran Homelessness

In a substantial commitment, Fox Corporation has pledged $2 million over two years to support the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's Homeless Veteran Program. Launched in 2022, this program has a vital mission: eradicating homelessness among American veterans by providing housing and supportive services across the nation.

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Tunnel to Towers marked a significant milestone on Veterans Day with the grand opening of the Houston Veterans Village. This reimagined 161-room hotel will offer both permanent and transitional living spaces, along with a range of supportive services provided by U.S.VETS at a central hub on the premises. Phase II of the Houston Veterans Village, set for completion in 2024, will include 15-20 comfort homes dedicated to senior veterans.

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Fox Corporation's substantial donation will play a crucial role in expanding the Homeless Veteran Program's reach, funding additional facilities in key states such as Florida, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey. The contribution will also support the program's National Case Management Network, enhancing its impact on a broader scale.

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Expressing gratitude for Fox Corporation's generosity, Tunnel to Towers Chairman & CEO Frank Siller emphasized the critical importance of honoring the dignity of those who served the nation by ensuring no veteran sleeps on the streets. Lachlan Murdoch, Executive Chair and CEO at Fox Corporation, echoed this sentiment, highlighting their commitment to supporting those who have selflessly served the country through this impactful partnership with Tunnel to Towers.

Our Worthy Cause: Supporting Our Fallen Heroes

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